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The topic of "occupational pension provision" is a perennial issue and currently on everyone's lips, also due to the possible upcoming BVG reform.

  • Is your current pension solution "state of the art"?
  • Are the risk benefits and the expected retirement benefits sufficient?
  • How do you compare to the market?
  • Are the risk contributions and administrative costs in line with the market?
  • What is the investment policy and how high are the interest yields compared to the market?

Due to the current situation, employees are increasingly questioning pension solutions and the topic is becoming more and more important, also in the employment process.

Pension analysis

The pension schemes in Switzerland will face major challenges in the coming years. The system in its current form is no longer financially viable and will therefore have to undergo a reform. It will affect all participants in the second pillar, beneficiaries and pension funds, and everyone will have to deal with it intensively. In order to keep track of the current and future benefits, SRB offers an independent pension and risk analysis on, a personal level.

By analysing your pension benefits for the risks of disability, death and old age, you will be shown what benefits you can expect when a pension case occurs.

You can find the documentation for our service under the following link (in German):

Retirement seminar

The anticipation is great. At the same time, the step into the third stage of life is often associated with uncertainties and many questions remain unanswered. This seminar prepares employees for the coming retirement. The seminar, which can be put together individually, is intended to support the participants, answer open questions and eliminate uncertainties. It is a guide to financial matters and provides valuable tips and recommendations from experts on how to shape the coming phase of life.

Training in occupational pensions

In many cases, occupational pensions are a closed book for members of pension committees and previous knowledge is completely lacking. However, it is by no means a task to be taken lightly. The pension commission is composed of an equal number of employer and employee representatives and is appointed to manage the pension fund. Depending on the pension scheme model, the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the pension fund commission vary. Training supports the partnership-based implementation of the occupational benefit scheme between employer and employees and enables the members of the pension commissions to master the challenges of the occupational benefit scheme and to answer employees' questions competently.