International network.


So that you can realise your visions uniformly worldwide.

As a founding member of the international broker and risk management network „Brokerslink“ we have access to 400 local partners with 18,000 employees in more than 130 countries on 5 continents.

Brokerslink is an international network organization of independent brokers that was founded because of the increasing demands on the worldwide brokerage business and the general tendencies towards globalization.  Network partners from around the globe include established large and medium sized brokerages, our own reinsurance partner as well as two large broker networks in South America and Asia.  Because of this exclusive cooperation with Brokerslink since 2007, we are able to expand our service offer to include international customer service.

It is important for us to accompany and support our customers in their overseas activities with the same service quality around the world.  Thanks to the Brokerslink partners and the external risk information tools, it is possible for us to design the international insurance program uniformly.  We support our customers to purchase coverage in such a way that they comply with local laws and regulations and are optimally embedded in the group solution.


More Details

We offer

  • Implementation of program solutions
  • Proximity to customers
  • Entrepreneurial thinking instead of global bureaucracy
  • Attention to local laws and practices

Your Advantages

  • More attractive terms and conditions (joint purchasing power)
  • Premium stability
  • Uniform coverage concept for the entire group
  • Central management of risks and insurance
  • Better use of the potential for countertrade transactions
  • International oversight of all claims
  • Consolidated reporting system