So that your corporate risks are in good hands.

Our competency centers bring decades of experience to the negotiations between the various parties.  They are specialists in their fields of expertise and are there to advise you.  They meet with insurers annually in order to exchange information about market developments as well as product optimization.  The experiences from the competency centers also flow into publications, trade groups and specialty conferences.

Personal insurances

In the area of human resources, issues related to personal and social insurance are often found to be difficult and complicated. Exceptional personnel concerns remain unanswered and complex cases are a major challenge. There is a lack of time to deal with issues in the area of labour law, information obligations, personnel regulations and dismissals in connection with health and accident insurance. Often, immediate action is necessary. It is therefore important that as many issues as possible are regulated in advance and recorded in writing. It is advantageous if clear directives, regulations and leaflets are available and employees are aware of them.

Property, Technology and Transportation Insurance

For most clients, investments in tangible assets are very high. Tailor-made and value-based insurance cover is crucial to avoid underinsurance with a corresponding reduction in benefits in the event of a claim. We help you to evaluate the insurance values correctly and to determine the insurance cover according to your needs. This applies to your location as well as when the equipment and goods are on the road or on consignment to customers. Complex, high-tech manufacturing, just-in-time production and reduced inventory lead to new, unapparent risks. We help you to review and adapt your insurance cover to the new circumstances by means of a detailed business interruption and supply chain analysis. Both the frequency and the severity of storm, terrorist and earthquake damage have increased sharply. However, many companies are not sufficiently covered for the economic consequences of these risks.

Casualty insurance

A comprehensive risk analysis of the operational risks and dangers arising from the creation and sale of products & services should be a high priority in every company. Errors in risk assessment or in the definition of the insurance concept could affect the substance of the company in the event of major claims. Often there are also differences between the contractual liability and the insurance cover. These must be recognised. Insurance cover has been developing strongly in the area of business and professional liability for years. While product liability consequential damages could hardly be insured until recently, it is now possible for a company to insure itself against such risks. Furthermore, it is essential to advise boards of directors, managers and exposed persons, such as safety experts. The focus here is on the reduction of risks that arise from their activities and for which they are liable with their private assets. We help you to recognise the issues in the area of asset insurance, to define suitable risk reduction measures and to close any gaps in coverage according to your needs.

Cyber Insurance

Every day, cases of data loss, blackmail and IT and production system failures become public. Not only billion-dollar corporations are affected, but also companies in the SME sector. Cybercrime has been one of the three most significant business risks for years. The most frequent cause of all incidents is not the IT system itself, but human error. The question is not if, but when a cyber case occurs.

With our profound knowledge, we accompany you from prevention to the event of a loss. You can benefit from our expertise and individual special solutions. We offer you a hand with activities in special sectors and with IoT* products and are available for a risk dialogue.

Real Estate

SRB Assekuranz Broker AG offers real estate owners a comprehensive and integrated range of services in the field of insurance (risk finance) and prevention (risk engineering).