Competency centers

Our competency centers bring decades of experience to the negotiations between the various parties.  They are specialists in their fields of expertise and are there to advise you.  They meet with insurers annually in order to exchange information about market developments as well as product optimization.  The experiences from the competency centers also flow into publications, trade groups and specialty conferences.

Pension schemes and Accident & Health

The landscape of pension schemes is changing quickly.  There are many providers with different solutions.  We help you to find the appropriate retirement solutions for your business.  To start, a thorough discussion about retirement needs, the design of plans, priorities and risk tolerance is important for a successful project.  It should be in the interest of the employer to find the best possible pension scheme for the employees and to review it periodically, given that the contributions are substantial both for the employees and for the employer.  We collect and analyze all of the information about the topic of accident and health insurance as well as personnel retirement.  From that, we create new coverages that are adapted to customer needs and can influence and help to shape the insurance conditions and pension scheme regulations with the pension funds.

Do you have questions about the SUVA [Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund] Occupational and Non-Occupational Accident Insurance?  Our specialists are happy to be at your side to advise you about arranging coverage for your business.

Cyber Insurance

Cybercrime isone of the biggest risks for most businesses worldwide, whether SMEs or large multinationals.  There are daily reports of cases of data loss, failure of IT and manufacturing systems as well as the associated loss of profit.  The most common cause in all circumstances is not the IT system itself, but human misconduct. It is not a question of whether, but when, one will face a cyber-attack.   With our sound knowledge, we support you not only in case of a claim, but also to help you with preventive actions.  You can benefit from our expertise and individualized special solutions.  We advise you on activities in special fields and IoT [Internet of Things] products and are available for a risk dialogue.  A cyber insurance policy should be reviewed continuously because the insurance market in this area develops quickly and substantially.

Property, Technology and Transportation Insurance

For most customers, the investment in property is quite high.  A tailor-made insurance coverage is decisive in order to avoid underinsurance with the corresponding reduction in benefits when there are claims.  We help you to correctly evaluate the insurance needs and to determine the appropriate insurance coverage.  This is both for your current location as well as when investment goods and products are underway. Complex, high-technology manufacturing, just-in-time production and reduced inventory lead to new risks that are not immediately apparent.  By means of a detailed business interruption and supply chain analysis, we help you to review the insurance protection and to adjust to the new circumstances.  The frequency as well as the severity of damages from storms, earthquakes and terrorist attacks have greatly increased. Many companies are not sufficiently protected from the economic consequences of these risks.

Casualty insurance

A comprehensive risk analysis of the business risks and the dangers that arise from the manufacture and sale of products should have a high priority in the business.  Mistakes in the risk assessment or in the definition of an insurance concept can affect the core of the business in the event of a catastrophe. Contractual agreements with suppliers, customers or external service providers often include hidden risks of financial damages. These can give rise to uncertainties about the extent of the liability as well as of the insurance coverage.  We help you to recognize the difference between the contractually assumed liabilities and the insurance protection and to define risk reduction measures.  While consequential damages from product defects were virtually uninsurable until recently, such risks can be insured these days. The insurance coverages in the area of general liability, completed operations and products liability as well as professional indemnity have developed substantially over the years so that a regular review of the current protection is recommended.  We advise boards, members of the executive management, members of foundation boards and other managers and exposed parties such as, e.g.  safety experts, in the reduction and shifting of risks that arise from their activities and for which they can be held personally liable.

Risk Engineering

We actively support businesses in the planning and implementation of their risk and insurance policy.  With our EHS [Environment, Health and Safety] and Risk Engineering services, we promote the realization of goals of security and sustainability of our clients, while also ensuring legal compliance.  Through practice-proven and reliable solutions of our ASA /Risk Engineering Team, we achieve effective loss prevention.